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Bought a knife on Aug 11th. Checked status Sept 3rd and it was "back ordered" till Sept 5th.

Checked Sept 10th and was back ordered till Sept 12th. Checked Sept 14th was back ordered till sept 20th. Called customer service at 10 am on Sept 15th and was "disconnected" once, waited on hold for 25 minutes to be told by Alex that he would have to check with the wharehouse. 5 minutes later Alex says, "There is no one in the wharehouse I will have to take your info and call you back once I find out." 24 hours later no call no info, I am not surprised.

I am a police officer in a midsized dept.

in Ohio and know alot of fellow cops and firemen that I will go out of my way to relate my disatisfaction with this company to. I knew I should have just stuck with Galls, I never have an issue with them, order it today youll have it in 4 days.

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Bryan, Texas, United States #731905

I've ordered from this company numerous times and have never been disappointed with the delivery date, returns and/or refunds. Their customer service is very accommodating.

Maybe some of you people need to be a little nicer. I'm nice to the person answering the phone and I've been treated with nothing but respect.

Some of the comments I've read sound extremely immature. Find another website if you're unhappy!!

#479628 are scam artists. Their website will never tell you anything is in stock or not.

They just let you order on their website and let you figure it out later that you aren't getting your stuff any time soon. DO NOT BUY FROM COPSPLUS.COM!


I placed an order with these people on Feb.16, 2012. I am now on my fourth back order notice. I feel they take your money and stall you forever, thinking you will eventually give up.


I had problems with copsplus. Same BS, gotta call the warehouse, will get back too you, but they never do. They are incompetent idiots.




A message was left with your secretary the next morning to let you know that it will ship out Wednesday, the 21st as it was schedule to arrive out our warehouse that day from Benchmade. We care about our customers and would not ignore you.

We do apologize for not getting back to you any sooner. Your knife is currently on its way to you and you should receive it shortly.

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